As much as we hope you are enjoying your visits to the parishes of RCC, without relational connections, you can count on feeling disconnected eventually and you may lose interest in what you presently are sensing is life-giving. We provide opportunities to get involved more deeply but ultimately, the decision to belong to a community is one that only you can make. To that end, we would like to make a few practical suggestions (not necessarily in this order) that will help you to connect with others:

  • Attend a “Newcomer Lunch” (held a few times a year) to get to know pastors, their families and other leaders from RCC. Email our church office to ask when next one is scheduled:
  • Learn more deeply about RCC and how you may fit by listening to our 5-part “RCC LIFE” teaching series online. You can also download PDFs for each week to follow and keep notes as you learn.
  • To stay up to date with RCC life, download our free phone app (search for Reading City Church), like our Facebook Pages, follow us on Twitter, and Instagram
  • Join our private community page on Facebook where prayer request and discussions change every month. You can find it by going to: Saint James Community or First City Community
  • Attend a small group. Men’s Ministries, Women’s Ministries have multiple smaller groups that meet. There are also some small groups for everyone that meet in homes.