A new way of growing together

The events of 2020 have caused  almost every organization to rethink how they operate. At Reading City Church, we believe God is wanting to us to consider how we can be a more effective expression of His church. This year, we are rolling out a new Sunday morning rhythm with the hope that we can encourage, unify, and more fully equip the church to live for Christ inside AND outside the walls of our building.

Each season will now have a specific focus:
UP  Every Autumn, our focus will be on our worship of God and His worthiness.
IN |  In the Winter months we turn inward and zero in on our spiritual pursuit of God.
OUT | During the Spring, we turn outward as we seek to equip and provide opportunities to love and serve the world outside our walls.
REST | Our Summers will be focused on how to rest in God, our identity in Jesus and connecting more fully with community.

Each season will begin with  preaching series to set the tone for what's coming in the subsequent workshops. For the rest of the season, a series of classes are offered by effective teachers to more fully equip our community within each focus. 

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Our focus this season is on REST. We will focus on different aspects of our identity in Christ and building authentic community through rest, connection, and intentionality.

Sabbath Sunday for Kids

Crazy Daisy (a.k.a. our children's pastor Michaela) explains the idea of Sabbath and our Rest Sundays in a way to help kids understand if they've been curious about our new rhythms as well.