Deciding to come to a church service for the first time can be intimidating. Knowing the basics of what you will experience can help to make you feel more assured. As soon as you enter the doors of the church, you will be among a warm group of people & enjoy free coffee and baked goods. Dress how ever you feel most comfortable.

10AM | Corner of 7th & Penn Ave,
West Reading



3 PARTS TO OUR SUNDAY GATHERING: Preaching | Worship | RCC Kids.

Throughout our human history, words have carried the power to bring change. Preaching is a unique interaction with language; it is not a conversation but rather proclamation.The power of this proclamation is not found in clever words or charismatic personalities but rather the truths of the Bible and how they relate to our everyday lives. It’s the only time during a typical week in which a large group of friends, family and acquaintances interact with the written words of God as they allow it to take center stage. Our preaching aims to reveal the person, purpose, work and mission of Jesus. It contrasts the truths of our realities with the truth of his reality and brings us to a place of deciding which we chose to live by just as it did in the times of the baby church throughout the New Testament.
Worship is an individual lifestyle of honoring Jesus. In the Bible, when people want to express that worship together as a group, it often took the form of song and instruments. Every generation expresses that worship music in a way that is most natural to them while aiming to keep Jesus the point of it all. RCC is blessed with a number of talented musicians, singers & songwriters. Our style is often loud and rocking but can also be quiet and reflective. In spite of the style and talent, we do not draw attention to the band because the band is not the point but rather they play and sing to enable all of us to love and honor Jesus. This also prepares our hearts & souls to hear from the Bible during the preaching. The worship includes many current worship songs, some original and hymns.
Reading City Church Kids are not the church of tomorrow, they are the church here and now. We aim for our children to know Jesus through the Bible and to grow into His mission. Our children, ages 5 – 5th grade, are present with the adults during the worship time and then are dismissed to their own room for their own learning time. This time includes Bible stories, object lessons, games, crafts and more and is led by qualified teachers who love kids and who desire to cultivate their spiritual growth. Full service nursery & toddler care is provided for the entirety of the service.
Reading City Church has a dedicated and loving group of volunteers who care for our littlest children from newborn through preschool. We have three separate classrooms for each group of children starting with our Nursery (Newborn-Walking), Toddler (Walking-PreSchool), and our Preschool room where every week our volunteers teach new bible lessons with educational and fun activities for the kids.