Welcome Home

Who We Are

Our main goal at Reading City Church is to be a place where people can meet Jesus and engage in authentic, life-giving community. Sometimes this means loving and serving our community and the city of Reading, and sometimes that means we spend our time together praying, learning, worshiping, and challenging each other.

We offer a place to be authentic, ask questions, and learn what it means to be representations of Christ to our world. Go here for a more detailed explanation of what we believe.

Where We Came From

RCC started  meeting in the IMAX theater in Reading, PA on October 10, 2010 as a group of about 50 friends. That year, Reading was named the city with the highest poverty rate of the nation. Our desire was to do church as simplistically as possible, to be a genuine community that loved Jesus and sought to serve the city we gathered in. Within a few years, RCC connected and blended with the congregation at the historic St. James  Church  in West Reading.

Where We're Headed

While much has changed since our start in 2010, the core of who we are and our commitment to our long-term vision has not changed. More than ever we want to be true to God's calling for us and to be generous, humble, and servant-minded.

What This Means For You

We invite you to be a part of our church family! This means more than just coming, sitting in a pew, and leaving. We hope that you feel comfortable enough to be your real self, make new friends, and find a place to use your talents and passions. 

Our Family Values

Humility | Servanthood | Generosity | Authenticity |
Doing all we can for the glory of God alone | Simplicity |
Keeping a loose grip | Passing the baton