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Staying True (Luke 12:1-12)

Jun 16, 2024    Vincent Donnachie

We're starting Luke chapter 12 with a section of scripture that can be confusing. Jesus asks us to reject hypocrisy and release fear of people or ideas that are threatening. The heart behind it is what matters.

Hypocrisy is presenting ourselves as God-lovers and worshipers while judging, despising, and even conspiring against the very ones for which He would sacrifice His Son. He aimed at taking off the heaviness of shame, the constant enslavement to self-perfection, and the fear of punishment that guided humanity. Knowing His intimate love enables us to represent that love in the face of misunderstandings and accusations.

For the past few years, we continue to return to the book of Luke for an in-depth study. You can find all sermons since chapter one under the sermon series marked "Luke." There are several small focused series under that title.