Meet Our Teams

Our Office Staff

Vince Donnachie

Pastor of Preaching & Spiritual Formation 
Vince is our primary preacher and developer of spiritual formations.  He leads the elder and full governance teams. He works with the Pastor of Spiritual Life and Community to lead the overall vision of RCC and provide counseling to parishioners.   

Robert Hall

Account Manager
Robert oversees daily management of RCC expenses, income, accounts, and payroll.   

Sarah Bateman

Pastor of Spiritual Life & Community 
Sarah leads and cares for the church community by co-overseeing the RCC communities, preaching/teaching, providing pastoral visitation, pastoral counseling & coaching, and setting vision and frameworks for the function of the church community. She also oversees the Finance team and helps set the vision for the overall budget.

Jeff Bateman

Youth Director
Jeff leads the Oasis Youth Group team which is the ministry for grades 6th-12th. 

Amanda Hertzler

Director of Communications/HR
Amanda oversees public and in house communications and relations. This includes all social media, website, and the oversight of human resources for staff.

Kyle Stutzman

Worship Ministries
Kyle is one of the leaders for our worship ministry and oversees the training and scheduling of our worship teams. 

Kathy Blosenski

Building Manager
Kathy manages the RCC building, from cleanliness to event arrangements. She also lead the trustee team and helps with daily church functions.

Destiny Perez

Family Ministries Assistant
Destiny helps with all RCC Kids' planning, set-up, and events. She's the friendly face behind the monthly parent emails you may have received. 

Our Elders

The elders of RCC meet monthly to discuss, pray, and decide issues of vision, theology, and spiritual care for our community.

Vince Donnachie

Phil Warner

Nate Young

Kathy Blosenski

Sarah Bateman

Our Ministry Teams

Our Full Governance

The Full Governance meets quarterly to discuss and vote on larger issues of church governance, such as major financial decisions, pastoral positions, and major changes in vision or mission. The Full Governance consists of the Elder Team, Advisory Board, Community Council, and Finance Team liaisons. The team is made up of a combination of RCC members and those outside our congregation.

Community Council: Tony Blair (President of Evangelical Seminary and Senior Pastor at Hosanna Church), RJ Saunders (Retail Operations Integrator, Twin Valley Coffee)
Advisory Board: Lisa Weaver (Director of Programs, ASSETS Lancaster), and Corbett Babb (Principal, West Elementary School).

Our Financial Team

Our Financial Team meets monthly to monitor the flow of income and expenses, suggest changes and strategies as needed, and compile the annual budget for approval. The team also makes recommendations to our Elders and Advisory Council concerning financial policies and procedures to better enable financial health as an organization. Liaisons from the Financial team rotate in quarterly to the Full Governance meetings to give feedback and updates.

Current members are: Sarah Bateman, Chad Blank, Lara Blocksom, and Darris Cohick .