Continue to be the church on REST Sundays

Every fourth Sunday of the month, RCC celebrates a Sabbath Sunday which is meant to be a day of intentional rest and connection for our church family. This means that regular services will not be held and ministry teams will not meet. We encourage you to find ways to gather and celebrate together during these Sundays - over food, game nights, fun activities, or any other event that you think would be fun to host for others who may be looking for a place to connect.  
September 26 - YOU?

Connect and grow together as a church family

These events do not have to be fancy. If you are simply willing to be the point person for a gathering where anyone is invited to relax, connect, and enjoy each other's company, that's really all that is needed. Here's all that we need from you:
  1. Pick a day and time to host at your home or organize an event at a nearby park, playground, etc.
  2. Fill out the form to register your event. We will post that info on this page with a button for people to contact you.
  3. Share any info you feel is important about your event when people contact you. We will collect info here as well in case our office receives questions. 
  4. Take pictures! We love to see our church family gathering together.