Thank you for making our inaugural Stealth-Elf challenge so much fun! We will see you again in 2021! You can review the details below, as well as view submitted pics from this year's event.

Merry Christmas 
RCC Family! 

We're so glad you decided to participate in a little Christmas fun. Three mailboxes have been dispatched to different areas where our church family lives. When you receive one, follow the directions below. Don't forget to share photos of what it looks like when you receive it. We'll do our best to track the progress of each box around the neighborhood. Check this page for updates and photos through the month of December.

How it works

When you receive a mailbox...

  1. Take a photo of the mailbox and what is inside. Email the photo(s) to [email protected] so that we can keep track of where the mailboxes have been delivered and show their progression. 
  2. Take the gift out of the mailbox, choose one of the following:
    • Replace it with something from your house. This could be anything that is nice enough to pass on to someone else. It's a good time to re-gift a present you may not want or need!
    • Remake the gift in some way - for example: if it's a mug you could fill it with tea, if it's a small object, you could turn it into an ornament, etc.
    • Bake a treat - cookies, a cake, pie, whatever you want!
  3. Write a note for the next recipient.
    • Tell them something that you are thankful for about them. If you don't know them well, write something encouraging for them - maybe your favorite Bible verse.
    • Don't sign your name, keep it a secret!

When you deliver a mailbox...

  1. Choose another person or family from RCC to deliver to. If you need an idea, or you're not sure where someone lives, there are instructions in the mailbox for accessing an updated map. Email [email protected] if you would like to see the map now (it's password protected). 
  2. Feel free to decorate the mailbox however you would like - draw on it, accessorize it, attach antlers, etc.
  3. Deliver the mailbox stealthily! Put it as close to the recipient's front door as possible.
  4. If you are caught delivering a mailbox, you must pose for a picture.
    • The recipient should take a photo of you and send it to [email protected] You'll be added to our album of those who are caught "red-suited."

Map My Elf

Track where the mailboxes have been and find someone else to deliver to on our map! This page is password protected so you will need to contact a staff member or wait until you receive a  mailbox to access it.

Mailbox Photos

Check out what has been given so far and how the mailboxes have been decorated. There may also be some elves caught in the act!

Not for you? 

If, for any reason you would like to opt out, or if you received a mailbox by mistake and do not attend RCC, please let us know and we will come and pick it up for you.